Treatment adapted to each type of skin

Treatment adapted to each type of skin

Do you know what type your skin belongs to? No? Then, it is high time to determine your skin type, because with this information, you will be able to use the right care! Blanka explains how to analyze your skin and what treatment will be optimal for you.

I was in doubt for a long time about my skin type. I thought my skin was “normal” and normal day cream was more than enough. But, after a skin analysis, I found that I had combination skin. Finding foundation Treatment adapted to each type of skin was much easier and I could finally provide the right care for my skin.

If you are still in doubt about your skin type, then you can determine it with a simple trick: wash your face only with water and do not apply any care. After approx. two hours, look at your skin in detail: is it tight? So you have dry skin. Is your skin oily in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin), but your cheeks are dry? So you have combination skin. If your skin is oily all over your face, then you have oily skin. If your skin is not tight or oily, then you have normal skin.

Dry skin

If you have dry skin, then you should be careful not to use products that contain alcohol. Many toners unfortunately contain it and dry out your skin even more. Be careful to use a rich day cream, ideally containing ingredients such as olive, grapeseed and almond oils, as these oils come closest to the composition of the skin. Avoid grainy peels, as these will irritate your skin. Also, you should use a facial cleanser that is PH neutral to the skin.

Mixed skin

For combination skin, the products to recommend are those that minimize the production of sebum in the T zone, that do not dry out the other parts and that still heal. If the two parts of the skin are very different, two different products can be used. You can use a peel once or twice a week. For this type of skin, components such as alcohol and perfume should also be avoided. As a day cream, a non-greasy cream with a gel texture will be perfect. Ingredients like lemon balm or chamomile are well suited for combination skin. If the cheeks are very dry, you can apply a rich cream, such as Clinique’s moisture surge intense cream.

normal skin

This type of skin is the easiest to treat. People with normal skin tolerate many face washes, but the alcohol level should not be too high, as it is only beneficial on oily skin. Care creams can be greasy. Nevertheless, normal skin type should not be over-groomed, as this is unnecessary and leads to skin irritation.

Oily skin

Oily skin also needs moisturizing care – although that might sound a little weird. Skipping the day cream because the skin is already producing enough sebum is not a good idea, as this causes the glands to produce even more of it to supply the skin. Oils, in the form of cleansing creams or lotions, should be avoided completely. The toner may contain alcohol to prepare the skin to receive the cream. Comedones, which tend to appear on this type of skin, should not be pressed, but gently removed after a steam bath using cotton wool and toner. In addition, care products based on salicylic acid can be recommended.

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