How to get the most benefits from fitness classes?

benefits from fitness classes

To make the most of the benefits of fitness classes , you have to choose the right workout and pay attention to your lifestyle. Sports practice then improves the cardiovascular system, muscle tone and morale. The few tips below will help you maximize the benefits of your workouts .

Why did you decide to play sports? The answer to this question will partly condition your sports practice. If you want to burn calories, you could take a Zumba fitness class , try spinning , or practice aerobics at more or less high intensity.

Prefer bodybuilding? There too, the choice is vast: weight machines, bodyweight muscle strengthening exercises , Body Sculpt classes … Finally, if your only goal is to be in shape, nothing prevents you from doing a trial session. for each of the activities offered in the fitness room.

In this regard, the criteria for choosing the right fitness club can be useful to you. That said, as long as you have a few accessories and access to online fitness classes, your physical training can be done at home. Be aware, however, that participation in a group lesson is often much more motivating regardless of the location ( gyms , fitness center or fitness club ).

The prices of bodybuilding and fitness equipment are increasingly affordable (exercise bikes, steppers, rowers, dumbbells, etc.). At the same time, online fitness courses are expanding with downloadable e-coaching videos and applications. These solutions have advantages and besides, it is better to train at home rather than not making a profit from your gym membership.

Nevertheless, the presence of a sports coach will really allow you to better enjoy the benefits of fitness classes. On the one hand, the coaches know how to assess your physical condition to offer you truly adapted fitness sessions. On the other hand, as a professional, the coach can advise you if you adopt a bad posture during your physical exercises.

Whatever your choice, certain principles must be systematically respected:

Wear comfortable clothing , from the choice of fitness shoes to sports clothing that conforms to the sporting activity practiced

Hydrate regularly , especially if physical exertion causes you to sweat a lot

Have a good diet and get enough sleep between each fitness class

Start the session with a warm -up and finish it with stretching to reduce the risk of injury and the discomfort associated with body aches.

In private lessons and in gyms, these elements are normally taken into consideration from the first interview.

The use of sports coaching allows you to have a personalized, tailor-made follow-up:

A scalable bodybuilding program with the number of sets, repetitions and rest time depending on the number of weekly workouts

Dietary advice to optimize the benefits of fitness classes

The right cardio workout whatever your goal and abilities

Regular reviews to diversify activities and make them more efficient

It is much more difficult to build a good personalized program without the presence of a professional, even if you are well informed on the subject.

If you are already particularly interested in a sporting discipline – cross training , body pump (or bodypump), Hiit, CAF lessons (thighs, abs, buttocks) or others – group sessions are open to all levels and generally given by instructors. graduates.

Should I train in the morning or in the evening? How often do you do cardio to lose weight? Is it better to exercise on an empty stomach to burn fat faster? How long to stay in the weight room to succeed in mass gain? The answers depend on many factors.

The most important thing is to have a regular sports practice while saving time for recovery. Morning sessions have a positive impact on concentration during the rest of the day. However, evening fitness classes are great for blowing off steam after a stressful day. Endurance exercises can be done on an empty stomach, but it is recommended to eat a meal, even a light one, before an interval training class , etc.

Some are aimed at fitness (health sports) , others at self-improvement and performance. Everyone must find the right balance between training intensity and rest phases, taking into account the different parameters (level of practice, lifestyle, etc.). From this point of view too, sports coaches, trainers or qualified teachers will be able to advise you.

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