How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Dental Implants

When our patients call our clinic for treatment, the first question we are usually asked is “How much do dental implants cost?”

Questions about implant surgery prices are more common than questions about the type of surgery, postoperative pain, procedure success rates, or our doctor’s experience.

We want you to know this; we certainly understand you. We know how difficult it can be to balance all your needs, but dental implants can be more affordable than you think. Before talking about price, we would like to consider the cost of dental implants as an investment rather than an expense and recommend that you also consider the long-term benefits.

Are dental implants a better option for me?

First, we need to answer the following 3 questions to find out if dental implants are the best choice for a healthy mouth and a natural-looking smile.

Want the most natural smile? When a dental implant is applied correctly by an experienced dentist, it can fit the entire mouth and function like a natural tooth. In some cases, other preferred options instead of implants may interfere with daily eating, speaking, or smiling.

Want a trouble-free smile? Dental implants will allow you to naturally bite all foods, eat what you want and brush your teeth normally. When eating with dentures or other options, you may experience discomfort and have cleaning and odor issues.

What would a smile look like that didn’t bother you? Once the dental implants are applied, the teeth made are fixed on them. This means your teeth won’t move, rattle or slip, giving you the confidence to smile naturally. With a removable prosthesis that can slip while eating, talking or laughing, and that can be a problem for you.

How much do dental implants cost?

No two patients or implant treatments applied to them are alike. Here, the patient’s bone level, age, oral care, number of appointments, procedures come into play and change the costs depending on the person.

Remember that dental implants will stay with you for a very long time, even for life. More importantly, to use your dental implants for a long term, you should use a certified implant and a specialized dentist.

Options other than implants may seem less expensive to you, but you will continue to pay that cost over and over and the treatment will actually cost you more than dental implants.

When you research dental implant prices, you may see extremely low prices in advertisements. It may sound too good to be true for you. So you should ask the right questions to the right dentist? What is the brand of implant to use? Does the dental implant have a certificate and what are the warranty conditions? Where was the implant made?

If he does not respond and you are in doubt, you should change doctors.

Getting the answers right is both safe for you and indicates that you will be offered the best treatment option.

After the initial consultation and evaluation, your dentist will provide you with a plan that includes all the materials to be used, the number of appointments, and all fees. If there is a change during the process, he should definitely let you know.

For our patients who want dental treatment in Turkey, and who is looking for prices, we advise you to be careful.

Pay attention to cheap offers and ask your questions. These prices only cover the placement of implants and ignore the other requirements… (anesthesia, x-ray, tomography, abutment, bone graft , membrane, tooth extraction, etc.)

Make sure what’s included in the price when comparing offers.

Are the costs of dental implants covered by health insurance?

Some of your insurance plans include dental implants but do not cover other costs. For this reason, you should check with your insurance companies before taking any necessary steps for implant treatment.

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